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groupage-freight (national + international) Groupage freight on trucks is the favorable possibility to transport small and light shipments. The regular transport period within Germany is 24-48 hours from take-over, Europe-wide 3-8 business days (depending on country and region). If desired, the vehicles are equipped with lifting devices, dangerous goods equipment and loading devices for the exchange. The prices for groupage-freight are lower than transports via courier-service or partload.

Within Germany we can make a faster service possible for you if desired – Next day, until 8, until 10 or until 12 a.m.

Condition for groupage freight: Your goods must be packed compatible for groupage freight, as multiple transshipments take place during the transport!

AktivLogistik – Internationale Spedition Pforzheim will be happy to handle outgoing, incoming and crosstrade groupage shipments for you. Due to long-term and reliable cooperations with business partners and forwarding systems, we are happy to carryout incoming, outgoing and also cross trade groupage freight transports for you – from and to everywhere in Europe.
You want to send non-urgent spare-parts from Czech Republic to Luxemburg? Cargo in cases from France to th UK? Or cartons from Spain to Italy?
Please send us your inquiry – we would be happy to send you our offer.

What is groupage or general cargo?

Shipments in smaller packages are referred to in logistics as groupage or general cargo. This can be one (but also several) pallet(s), larger box(es) or crate(s).
The groupage freight company first collects various such small consignments for different transport relations from different shippers. Warehouse workers then unload the goods at the pick-up company’s transshipment warehouse before they are temporarily stored for a short time, depending on the receiving route. The driver of the respective main leg truck then drives them to the corresponding transport relation (or initially to the central hub). The corresponding delivery carrier then delivers the goods to the respective recipients who are based in their delivery area.

How the borderline from groupage / general cargo to parcel can be drawn has not yet been conclusively regulated. Parcel services usually limit the maximum weight to 50 kilograms. Groupage freight forwarders transport everything that is above.

How to ship general cargo / groupage

A pallet is usually required for shipping general cargo, since the weight of the delivery starts at 35 kilograms. You therefore need pallet shipping with a carrier and the right packaging. In the following we will explain to you how general cargo shipping works. The right general cargo packaging General cargo can be versatile and not all types require the same packaging.
Some piece goods, such as glass, are a bit more fragile and should definitely be wrapped in bubble wrap. Other piece goods such as crates or similar only require edge protection and cardboard. But what counts for any type of delivery is that it must be strapped to a pallet with ratchet straps. Therefore, proceed as follows: Place the piece goods on a pallet.If necessary, wrap the goods with a 5 cm thick layer of bubble wrap and attach edge protection.Place a cardboard box over the goods or wrap them with sufficient cardboard so that all areas are well covered. Fix thatCardboard box with tape or something similar.Secure the goods to the pallet with plastic straps. If there are several boxes on a pallet, you can stack them on top of each other and also clamp them together.

AktivLogistik – Internationale Spedition Pforzheim is happy to offer you groupage or general cargo transport.


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Sammelgut / Stückgut (national / international) AktivLogistik Int. Spedition Pforzheim
Sammelgut / Stückgut (national / international) AktivLogistik Int. Spedition Pforzheim
Sammelgut / Stückgut (national / international) AktivLogistik Int. Spedition Pforzheim
Sammelgut / Stückgut (national / international) AktivLogistik Int. Spedition Pforzheim