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Your customer satisfaction is our concern!

Spedition Transports courier-services Pforzheim = AktivLogistik:

Our services range: from courier service (24-hour service, 365 days a year) over groupage freight, partial and full load, oversized and heavy load to air and sea freight – whether distribution (collection of the goods from you), supply (delivery of the goods to you) or as cross trade (your company is neither loading nor unloading point). Spedition Transports courier-services Pforzheim! Also even if our region or Germany is not on the transport roadway! Spedition Transports courier-services Pforzheim
We are your contact “in every case”, regardless if within Germany, Europe-wide or worldwide.

Types of vehicles (Spedition Transports courier-services Pforzheim)

As a freight forwarder from Pforzheim, we are happy to offer you the following vehicle types: box, tarpaulin (crane-loadable on request), as well as open vehicles. (semi)low-loaders, open semi-trailers, tank bridges, inclined loaders and inloaders. Do you need vehicles with lifting platforms or transportable forklifts? – No problem for us, as are vehicles with ramps so that your self-propelled vehicle can be driven on and off. Or vehicles with a cable winch if your vehicle’s drive should no longer work. Furthermore, we are also happy to offer you vehicles with dangerous goods equipment on request. These drivers then also have the necessary dangerous goods training / an ADR certificate. We are one of the most flexible forwarders in Pforzheim.

We are also happy to carry out larger projects with multiple vehicles and / or vehicle types in combination for you and conceive in agreement with you an ideal schedule for the supply of different vehicles, so nothing stands in the way of a smooth carrying out!

Furthermore we can organize cranes or forklifts for loading and/or unloading within Germany (if possible also abroad). Import customs clearances, as well as the issue of credit compatible documents also can be included in our services.

You are looking for storage possibilities, want to buy or sell containers, palettes or lattice boxes, your goods should be packed seaworthy – therefor we are also happy to be your contact!

Write or talk to us if you need logistical solutions – we will be happy to provide you with expert advice, even in difficult cases or with short-term appointments, because your satisfaction as a customer is our concern!

What our customers can expect from us in contrast to other forwarding companies in Pforzheim:

Speed: AktivLogistik Internationale Spedition in Pforzheim will usually provide you with an offer for your land transport within a maximum of one hour (in most cases even within 20 minutes) (unfortunately it takes longer for air freight and sea freight, mainly because preliminary and/or on-carriages overseas must be requested). Even after you have placed your order, we will confirm your order within 20 minutes. (all times given here refer to our business hours, of course).

Information flow / crisis management: Unfortunately, the vehicles or drivers we use cannot work miracles either, so that they may arrive late at your loading or unloading point due to unforeseeable delays (at a previous loading or unloading point, traffic jam…). As soon as we receive such information, we immediately forward it to our clients. Communication is very important in our logistics company – even with “unpleasant” news. Many (international) freight forwarders “shy away” from contacting the client if there are problems during collection / shipping or during transport. We cannot always guarantee digital shipment tracking, but if you ship via us, we can also track a current shipment. This is then done via our transport company by telephone or e-mail.


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