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Trained clerk to support us (Job-offers from AktivLogistik):

Good employees are the engine of our success! Team players – who have mastered their “craft”, for whom customer orientation is not a foreign word. For whom a wide range of tasks not only means challenges but also fun – are exactly right with us. Does that apply to you? Then we look forward to getting to know you personally. Please email your complete application documents to personal(at)


Apprenticeship as a clerk for forwarding and logistics services (job-offers from AktivLogistik):

Are you interested in an apprenticeship? As a training company (IHK) we offer you well-founded training as a forwarding and logistics services clerk (f/m).
In a young and motivated team, you will get to know the whole range of this profession during your training – not just in theory, but rather in practice.
Our goal is a long-term and successful cooperation, also beyond the apprenticeship.

We look forward to receiving your application. Contact us in advance by telephone or email us your complete application documents to personal(at)

What does a clerk for forwarding and logistics services actually do?

Scheduling and organization of transport and logistics services:

Which goods should leave a warehouse, which will arrive shortly? The planning of a smooth flow of incoming and outgoing goods is also called disposition. It’s one of the main tasks of forwarding agents. They arrange for the collection and delivery of the goods, monitor the transports (also across borders) and plan tours. But also assign the drivers.

Price calculation and preparation of offers:

You calculate prices in order to create a written offer, taking into account the ancillary costs. For example shipping company costs, intermediate storage costs and insurance. Special computer programs (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Office or In Design) are used when preparing the offer.

Organize and process orders, transport and freight:

For this purpose, transport documents such as bills of lading, official permits, loading and shipping lists must be requested or created. In addition, the drivers are informed by the forwarding agent about their order and the route. A simple example of unexpected route changes: a storm. For this reason, merchants must always keep a close eye on the transport process. In the event of bad weather conditions or other influences such as road closures, react and reschedule. Merchants are only in the office? Freight processing also involves going out into the warehouse, for example to monitor the loading of the goods. But they also have to compare documents such as freight receipts and invoices, and to document any damage to incoming freight.

Invoice creation and verification:

The order has been successfully processed and everything is documented in detail: time for the invoice. You must first issue and check them, then send them.
The next step is payment by the customers. If this is not done within the agreed payment period, the merchant for forwarding and logistics services must create and send a reminder – and further initiate legal steps in the event of continuous payment delays.


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