Oversized / heavy-load tranports (national / international)

Oversized / heavy-load tranports (national / international) by AktivLogistik:

oversized heavy-load transports: Normal sized shipments have a max. width of 250 cm when loading by forklift (when loading by crane max. 240 cm). Also heights between 240 and 270 cm – depending on the vehicle construction. If the transport goods exceed these measurements, special-purpose vehicles are necessary. These are available with tilt cover construction (adjustable in height and/or width). Alternatively without cover construction (however normally with loose cover).

AktivLogistik can also provide you with telescopic vehicles, to transport shipments with excess length.

For individual weights over 25 tons we can also provide you the appropriate vehicles. They are suitable for heavy loads.

We or our local partners will also arrange for the following:

  • Obtaining permits for oversized and heavy transports. Permanent permits are available for this as far as possible, which results in a time saving of 1 – 2 weeks
  • Organizing support vehicles
  • Fulfillment of other requirements from the special permits (e.g. dismantling of traffic lights, street signs or light poles. This is necessary in order to be able to drive on certain sections of the route with oversized vehicles)

Our logistic-team can offer you oversize and heavy transport within Germany or Europe – of course, even if our region or Germany is not on the transport route, since we have access to appropriate vehicles throughout Europe (e.g. also from France to Italy) !

We have been transporting new or used machines, systems, silos, boilers and the like since 2007 on a regular basis. But we can also transport oversized containers or excavators or other construction machinery. The vehicles for this then either have access ramps or can uncouple the “neck” so that the corresponding machine can drive on and off the low bed with its own drive.


Every detail counts, especially in transport projects with unusual dimensions. It is therefore essential that you entrust your “heavy” and difficult transport tasks to a competent logistics partner such as AktivLogistik – Internationale Spedition. Specialist know-how for special transport requirements? We are your logistics specialist for special transports such as oversize transports and heavy transports.

Benefit from our experience: We have already successfully brought large machines, systems, silos, boilers, as well as construction and agricultural machines to their destination for a large number of companies. Our dedicated team takes over the entire organization and implementation for you. We select the appropriate means of transport, explore and check the optimal routes. We obtain the necessary transport exemption permits, coordinate with authorities at home and abroad and monitor compliance with the requirements and conditions to be fulfilled.

In order for a large or heavy transport to be allowed to roll on the road, numerous regulations have to be met. For example, special truck trailers are required for safe transport. Depending on the dimensions of the truck and its load, escort vehicles or even police escorts are required. To do this, standing times must be observed and driving bans on Sundays and public holidays must be observed.


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