Pictures / impressions of transports

pictures impressions from transports organized by AktivLogistik:

all pictures are a part of impressions of transports organized by AktivLogistik Internationale Spedition Pforzheim. These transports were oversized and/or heavyweight transports (national and also international)

If particularly wide, high or long goods or just heavy goods are transported, this usually attracts a curious public onto the street. There are also pictures of spectacular oversize transports or heavy transports here on our websites – in our picture gallery. Take a look at what kind of shipments we transport for our customers almost every day.


Trucks without tilt cover-constuction for examp (semi)-deeploaders (also prolongable for overlength-cargo) as well as trucks with tilt cover-construction that can be enlarged in the with and/or height (for overwidth / overheight-cargo) we can offer for your transports.
Depending on your desires, we’ll organize the correct type of truck for your oversized and heavy-weight transports. For all of them, weare your competent logistic-partner.


on this site you’ll find some pics or rather a small selection of transports, we realized in the past:

For example two cases with firstly a width of 2,5 m and secondly a height of max. 3,34 m to Teheran / Iran. The already loaded truck you may find on picture one

Transport f a recycling-facility with overwidth (4,25 m) as well as overheight (3,55 m) and also overweight (37 t) to D-Rothenburg. A photo of this transport is picture number two

Furthermore we did a transport of this cleaning-facility with a length of 12,7 m, a width of 3,0 m and a height of 3,7 m to S-Sandviken. For this purpose we took an prolongable deeploader- the photo to this one can see on picture three

The transport of a press to D-Hannover on one hand with 2,8 m in the width and on the other hand with a height of 4,0 m (the weight was 27 t) on a deep-loader with tilt cover-construction, which could be enlarged in the width, one can find on picture five

Furthermore a transport of a recycling-facility (6,8 x 2,55 x 3,4 m) on a deep-loader with tilt cover-construction, that could be enlarged in the width to D-Oranienburg. You can find it on picture six

picture of a forerun truck to the port:

Regarding the shipping of a conveyor band with a length of 15,1 m to Malaysia, on picture four you may find the truck which did the forerun to the port of Hamburg. The main transport via seafreight, we did on a conventional ship.


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