Air freight (worldwide)

Nowhere freight is faster than over the clouds, therefore we also use the sky as a transportation route for our customers.

In times of increasing globalization of the markets, air freight is becoming more and more important. The volume of cargo has been growing permanently for decades and requires new logistics systems and worldwide route systems which we can provide reliably thanks to worldwide correspondence partners.

To ideally fulfill your individual demands as customer, we offer you a range of services which are exactly fit to your needs. “Door-to-door-service” is certainly also included – here it does not matter, if it concerns export or import (including customs clearance)!

AktivLogistik - Luftfracht weltweit
AktivLogistik - Luftfracht weltweit, Flughafen
AktivLogistik - Luftfracht weltweit, Passagierflugzeug mit Frachtraum
AktivLogistik - Luftfracht weltweit, Frachtflugzeug