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airfreight (worldwide) by AktivLogistik:

We also transport your goods by plane as airfreight (airfreight (worldwide) by AktivLogistik). Nowhere freight is faster than over the clouds, therefore we also use the sky as a transportation route for our customers.

In times of increasing globalization of the markets, air freight is becoming more and more important. The volume of cargo has been growing permanently for decades. It requires new logistics systems and worldwide route systems which we can provide reliably thanks to worldwide correspondence partners.

North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia – from and to all of Europe.
Shipping by air freight has the following advantages:

  • the plane offers the shortest transport time of all modes of transport on medium and long-haul routes => speed
  • Reliability – the flight schedules are often adhered to to the minute. So the shipment can usually be scheduled exactly at the right time.
  • transport by air freight can be cheaper in the long run because storage costs and waiting times are minimized. Or they do not arise in the first place. Another advantage for the sender and recipient of the goods is the short capital commitment.

We offer you a selection of services that are precisely tailored to your needs in order to be able to optimally meet your individual requirements as a customer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s export or import (including customs clearance). “Door-to-door service” is of course also part of it.

AktivLogistik Internationale Spedition Pforzheim will also be happy to organize your dangerous goods air freight transport. CAO (cargo only) or PAX (transport is also permitted on passenger aircraft) – tell us your requirements.

We also offer you additional services on request:

ABD preparation: Please send us your export invoice or proforma invoice in advance, stating the goods tariff number(s), proportionate goods values ​​and weights. We will then be happy to create the corresponding ABD on your behalf.
Import customs clearance: here too we need a commercial / pro forma invoice from you in advance, including the necessary information. After receipt we (or our partners) will prepare the customs clearance on your behalf.

We look forward to your inquiry(s), which you are welcome to send to us by email.

What is the process of an air freight transport:

1. Initial contact and advice

The initial consultation usually takes place by telephone and can take place at any time: We are also happy to be there for you at night or at the weekend. We will discuss the details of your planned transport with you and calculate a guide price for your orientation. Upon request, you will receive an exact calculation of all costs and a non-binding offer for the planned air freight flight after the consultation.

2. Organization

We take care of arranging cargo transportation, determine the most convenient airports for takeoff and landing, obtain all landing and overflight permits, and coordinate all pickup and drop-off times. Of course, we also prepare everything for any customs checks and support you in the best possible way when filling out all relevant documents such as the Air Way Bill. If desired, we can also take care of the organization of pre-carriage and on-carriage, so that you benefit from all the advantages of an air freight flight from a single source.

3. Implementation

You can also rely on our service during the cargo flight. We keep you informed about the course of the flight at all times and are always able to react to the current situation. So you can be sure that your freight will reach its destination safely and on time. Of course, we are also at your disposal after delivery if you still need support.


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Luftfrachtfracht Transporte (weltweit) AktivLogistik Int. Spedition Pforzheim // airfreight (worldwide) by AktivLogistik
Luftfrachtfracht Transporte (weltweit) AktivLogistik Int. Spedition Pforzheim // airfreight (worldwide) by AktivLogistik
Luftfrachtfracht Transporte (weltweit) AktivLogistik Int. Spedition Pforzheim // airfreight (worldwide) by AktivLogistik
Luftfrachtfracht Transporte (weltweit) AktivLogistik Int. Spedition Pforzheim // airfreight (worldwide) by AktivLogistik