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When a transport is very urgent, we will send you a vehicle at short notice. Your goods will be delivered immediately and directly to the recipient. Courier service transports (national / international) with AktivLogistik.

We can usually have a vehicle ready at the loading point within 30 minutes to an hour. The reason is, that we have access to thousands of vehicles through partner networks. We can therefore transport your goods quickly from A to B without any major delays.

kinds of vehicle:

It doesn’t matter how big or heavy your express transport is. Ranging from a car over vans, 7,5 tons-trucks, 12 tons-trucks (if desired each with trailers) up to 40 ton trucks. We’ll provide the suitable vehicle to you. These services are provided 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether box or tarpaulin vehicle, forklift or crane loading – we will be happy to organize the right vehicle for you. We are also happy to organize a vehicle with a lifting platform and pallet truck if there is no unloading device at the loading and/or unloading point.

Due to long-time cooperations with forwarding agencies and courier services we are able to provide you with the suitable vehicles all over Europe. courier-service (national + international)

You want to send an express spare part from your supplier in NL-Venlo to I-Bergamo? The conveyor-standstill of your customer in E-Barcelona is imminent if you do not deliver within 24-hours? No problem – we are your competent partner!

If your dates can not be realized through the carrier street, we are happy to organize the transport by airfreight for you. AktivLogistik Kurierdienst Pforzheim will be happy to provide you with offers for your courier trips, regardless of our location in Pforzheim. We offer courier trips / courier transport from anywhere to anywhere. Germany and Europe-wide.

What is a courier service?

A courier service is a postal and logistics company that is part of the so-called courier express parcel services, also known as CEP services. It takes on the personal transport of small and medium-sized consignments and written communications from the sender to the recipient. With the delivery taking place without detours. A courier service lives from the punctuality of its delivery, which is why it only transports at the request of the customer.

There is no regular traffic, the distances covered are rather short. Whether the delivery takes place on the day of collection or the next day depends on the transport route and the recipient’s opening hours. Whether the courier transport is by bicycle, motorcycle, cargo bike, car, van or truck. It depends on how large and heavy the goods to be transported are. Another difference is whether the goods are to be loaded and/or unloaded using a lifting platform on the vehicle.

Fell free to contact us at any time via email – we would be happy to send you our offer for your transports.


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