Part load / full load (national / international)

A shipment which is on the one hand too big for groupage freight and on the other hand too small for a full load can be loaded as partial load. Normally the vehicle picking up the goods is also the vehicle which delivers the goods to the recipient. Your advantage: a definite reduced risk of damage to your transport goods.

Whether loading with forklift from the side or with a crane from the top, whether time frame or fixed dates – name us your requirements and we will find the ideal solution for you.

For shipments which require a complete truck due to the size or weight or wish that nothing else is to be added on it, we will send you a complete truck (tautliner or road train).

Here we can also provide vehicles, which can take over and deliver within or Europe‑wide at the desired date. Your advantage: we can also carry out transports which are outside of our region or not even in Germany (also i.e. from Belgium to the Netherlands)!

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