„(…) there are only few forwarding agencies that are as quick, as your’s is (…) because I always say: if AktivLogistik isn’t able to arrange it, no one is able to arrange it. In this case I was right again. You did this job with bravery, you even realized our customer’s wished delivery date. (…) In spite of the bad weather through the last days and weeks, all trucks have been at the loading and unloading place in good time, no matter how far the transport distance was – that is an impressive performance (…)“
-Customer based in D-75233 Tiefenbronn-

„(…) today I want to inform you, that the consignee of our cargo in Israel told us, that the cargo arrived at their company. Everything was fine and I want to thank you in favour again! The transports to Switzerland have always been organized and operated great. It’s amazing, that there are companies like yours that are competent and customer-friendly. Unfortunately one can still find them rarely. (…)“
-Customer based in D-21033 Hamburg-

„(…) this morning my colleague from our sales department contacted me and told me she was amazed, because of the great handling concerning the shipment to Kuala Lumpur and that our customer also was very happy and grateful therefore. Because we work with professionals, we know about the quality of your work 🙂 nontheless: praise is like champagne: both have to be served sparkling. In this sense: a special thanx to you . (…)“
-Customer based in D-75391 Gechingen-

„(…) as we have been searching for a new forwarding agency, we gave this chance to you. You are flexible and helpful. There is no „we can’t arrange that“. I like that! Keep it up. (…)“
-Customer based in D-42369 Wuppertal-

„(…) to the responsible project manager I sounded a note of my desire, to prefer giving you the order for this transport. His answer was the following: ‚is it the forwarding agency, that winded up the Kazachstan-project‘ –‚yes‘ – ‚ they are excellent, they are reliable and they assist. (…)”
-Customer based in D-71106 Magstadt-

„(…) the third of all three trucks to Czech Republic is now being loaded. The two others already left. On the meantime the truck that loaded in Switzerland was also unloaded. Big praise – everything went great. Collection, delivery, offers – perfect! (actually this is standard in your company anyway 🙂 ) – nevertheless a sincere thank you going to Pforzheim. You simply work for me, as I am the only person in our shipping department. (…)“
-Customer based in D-30161 Hannover-

„(…) in this minute I got the information from our mechanics, that the truck which picked up the 24-ton machine today was a top truck and everything went optimally. I’m happy to pass this praise on to you. (…)“
-Customer based in D-47051 Duisburg-

„(…) I don’t want to fail to thank you for the perfect processing concerning this „sensitive“ transport. Our machine construction department was happy that your truck could be unloaded already at 06:00 a.m.. (…)“
-Customer based in D-12681 Berlin